Supporting Development

This page is dedicated to the various people, tools, technologies, and companies which support the development of PySceneDetect. This page has been created to give credit to the things which allow PySceneDetect to exist, and is not meant to imply any kind of endorsement.

  Tools, Technologies, and Companies

The development of PySceneDetect is supported by the following tools, technologies, and companies:

  • Github - Git and website hosting, code review, issue tracking, Linux/Windows/OSX builds
  • AppVeyor - Windows builds (portable + MSI)
  • AdvancedInstaller - MSI installer
  • SignPath - Code signing for Windows builds

Special thanks to these companies for their support.

  Community Contributions

PySceneDetect is an open source project which anyone can freely contribute to (see this page for various ways you can contribute). You can view the contribution graph on Github or visit PySceneDetect at or view the to see a list detailing the contributions people have made to the PySceneDetect project.

In addition to those who have made a direct contribution in the form of a pull request, a special thank you to everyone who has submitted an issue, bug report, feature request, and/or pull request (see the links above for complete lists), as well as for those who continue to help the ongoing development of PySceneDetect.

Your contributions continue to improve PySceneDetect, highlight the assets and talents of the FOSS community, and help to make the project's goal of being the most accurate scene detection program/library become a reality. Lastly, thank you all for your help, support, feedback, and direction on the project.


Monetary donations are not accepted for the project, but there are ways you can contribute to the project. Furthermore, if you have resources, tools, or technologies which may benefit the development of PySceneDetect, please feel free to contact me via the issue tracker or my website.

Many thanks to everyone who continually supports the development of the project.